Manager of the Season Awards S11

Based on nominations on the Top 100 game world newsfeed, Malcolm’s divisional ‘PVA winners’ (basically, who finished higher than they should have done with the team they had at the start of the season?), and achievements in the game world this season (i.e., titles, promotions, cup wins).

There are SIX polls – one for each division, and one overall vote. You can vote for any one of the nominees, or vote for someone else.

Please only vote once in each category – I’ve set it up so that it should not easily be possible to vote more than once. Anyone found cheating will face a one month transfer ban.

If you cannot vote at all, please let me know.

D1 Manager of the Season

Scott Mckenzie won his 7th D1 title in 11 seasons, obliterating the opposition in the process. This title also marks the first time any side has won the D1 title three seasons in succession.

Mister TRX followed up last season’s promotion with a top 4 finish, PSG’s highest ever placing. They also won the Top 100 World Club Cup, beating Chelsea in th final.

Doug Earle also achieved his club’s highest ever league placing taking Atletico Madrid to fifth, and also recording the best ‘PVA’ in D1.

D2 Manager of the Season

Roberto Downinho won his second D2 title with Internacional beating his own personal biggest points total in the process.

Paul Thompson won the playoff final to secure his second consecutive promotion (with two different clubs) to return Valencia to D1 for the first time since S6. He also amassed the Bats’ highest ever points tally. All while winning the Top 100 Shield, too!

David Marsden took Hamburger to unprecedented heights with a dramatic final day win to clinch the third automatic promotion place, achieving the division’s best ‘PVA’ in doing so.

D3 Manager of the Season

Dario Saviano maintained his record of improving Levante’s league position every season under his stewardship by smashing D3 with a club record 73 points to reach D2 for the first time.

Gav Harmer also totalled his club’s highest ever number of points in a season as Chievo reach D2 for the first time. Gav also recorded the division’s highest ‘PVA’.

Jerod Ramnarine sneaked into the third and final automatic promotion place on the last day of the season to record Gala’s highest ever league placing and points total.

D4 Manager of the Season

Nick Justice won the D4 title and returned the Villains to D3 for the first time since S6, and recorded the division’s best ‘PVA’.

Ignazio Barraco led Udinese to a second consecutive promotion that sees Udinese return to D3 for the first time since S4.

Adam at Lille won automatic promotion on the final day, returning Lille to D3 for the first time since S2.

D5 Manager of the Season

Joao Alves won D5 and recorded the division’s best ‘PVA’ to revive Sporting after three consecutive relegation seasons.

Nuno Bento launched an incredible late season run of form that transformed the youngest and lowest rated squad in the whole of Top 100 from bottom-dwellers to playoff winners. The Baggies secured their highest ever league placing and number of points. Nuno, in his own words, ‘created West Brom from nothing’ – he sold all 48 players he started with to external clubs, so it really is a truly amazing – nay, unbelievable! – that he and his own genius has overseen such a turnaround while the rest of us have been sleeping.

Greg Owen was the only manager this season to have a plan, and it was a cunning plan at that. Greg’s plan from day one was to amass enough points to win promotion – and that’s exactly what he did (even if he managed fewer points than he thought he needed)! As the saying goes, fail to plan, and plan to fail! Greg also did amazingly well to reach the final of the Top 100 Youth Cup.

Overall Manager of the Season

In addition to the managers nominated for the divisional awards, Andre Libras-Boas won the Top 100 Cup, beating serial cup winners Juventus in the final. The Cup win provided massive consolation for finishing bottom of the league in their only season in D1.

Frank Hirst won the highly coveted and exclusive to Top 100 Youth Cup, while finishing a highly respectable 10th in D1.

Gursimran Brar won the slightly less coveted but even more exclusive to Top 100 World Club Cup Shield AND Youth Shield. And he signed Sadio Mane, so he must be doing something right!


  1. “Greg Owen was the only manager this season to have a plan, and it was a cunning plan at that!” impressed by the exemption of who wrote this! Congrats 🙂


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