Youth Cup Season 11

Knockout Stage

Regional Playoffs


32 teams have entered this season’s Youth Cup.

As has been the case in recent season’s, teams are ranked in terms of average player rating, and grouped with similarly ranked teams to make it more competitive and fun.

This season, for the first time, there will also be a regional group stage, regional playoffs, as well as the traditional knockout stage.

The full format of the competition can be viewed here:

SAX = Saxonic (England and Germany)

ROW = Rest of the World


The team ratings, regions and groups are viewable here:

Let me know if you think I’ve made a mistake.


Group tables can be viewed here:

Teams above the dotted lines will qualify for the Regional Playoffs and Youth Cup Knockout Round of 16.

Teams below the dotted lines will enter the Youth Shield.


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  1. […] Greg Owen was the only manager this season to have a plan, and it was a cunning plan at that. Greg’s plan from day one was to amass enough points to win promotion – and that’s exactly what he did (even if he managed fewer points than he thought he needed)! As the saying goes, fail to plan, and plan to fail! Greg also did amazingly well to reach the final of the Top 100 Youth Cup. […]


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