Top 100 is a custom Soccer Manager game world with 100 of the best and most active managers making it one of the toughest game worlds to succeed in.

There are five divisions of twenty teams each, the top one hundred teams from Europe and South America.

The game world was created by Frank Hirst in 2015, David Marsden took over from Frank as owner in 2019, during Season 9, and Stephen Beddows owns the game world since Season 11. Now in Season 14 (November 2020), the game world is run and organised by Stephen and David with help and support from many of the other long-serving Top 100 managers.

What makes Top 100 THE top Game World?

Friendly tournaments, manager contracts, and end of season awards.


Squad caps and transfer rules, with sanctions for breaking them.

Fair play

Active newsfeed, blog, Facebook group and WhatsApp group chat.


Got what it takes to be a Top 100 manager…?