About the Gameworld Owner & good luck for season 2

Good evening one and all, on the eve of the kick off of season 2 and numerous wonderful blog posts that seem to have brought in extremely higher than usual interest, I thought it was time to put together my first (not 100%) football blog. 

Well, for those of you who don’t really know me yet, my name is Frank Hirst mostly to friends, but Fran Hirst to family. I’m 31 and live in our house with my partner Hayley & 3 year old son, Finley, I say partner as Hayley refuses to get married as her mum has been married 3 times. I work for a tool wholesaler in the office, in sales and design offer sheets in marketing and Hayley is a hair dresser.
I am a big Liverpool fan and have spent my whole life over the Mersey on the Wirral, so spent my youth going to Tranmere games for £3 per game in Tranmere’s golden era! Even though I have always supported Liverpool, I had a short flirt with Sheffield Wednesday because of David Hirst, and back in 2007, I found out that my grandad (who died the year before I was born) was born in Genoa and so I took Genoa into my heart nearly as much as Liverpool!
Getting Finley to adopt Genoa will probably be a lot tougher than Liverpool if we carry on like we have been this season, but there’s no way he could support any other team than Liverpool with me and both his grandad’s encouraging him 🙂
Me and my boy in Almeria last summer

Finley’s christening with my dad, Hayley, my mum and me

When I created Top100, I was looking to create a “blog gameworld”. I know not every manager has the time or sometimes feels they don’t have the literary skills to contribute, but I must give thanks to all the people who have contributed throughout season 1 and will continue to in the future. Not only do we have all these insightful blogs, funny blogs, but we have team of the week (every single game week) and many awards that are all voted for by the gameworld managers.
With regards to the update, in the 7 years that I have been on SM, there has only been 1 other time when I was close to quitting and that was when they started creating 2-3 gold worlds every week, as Mr Senior advised, worlds were becoming boring, you may as well have been playing football manager!
And finally, good luck to everyone for the season ahead, let’s continue to make thud the number 1 gameworld on SM!


  1. Nice one Frank, letting the online world into your personal world like both Gordon & yourself have done takes courage, putting faces to names & flesh to bones brings home that we are all real people in this community, not just nicknames behind avatars


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