How Many Points Do You Need For Season 11?

An update of the “How Many Points?” series, now including data for Seasons 9 and 10… these are the points totals you need to be aiming for to achieve your club’s target for this season – whether it’s the title, promotion, playoffs, survival, or avoiding the sack!

Based on the average points need to win the title (1st place), automatic promotion (3rd – Top 4 for D1), the final playoff place (7th – Top 10 for D1), to avoid relegation (16th) and the sack (17th) for each division.

The main difference from two seasons ago, is that it’s now significantly harder to avoid getting sacked – mainly due, of course, to the increase in the number of sackings from 2 to 3 last season.

You can view individual team histories, season by season, sorted in season order here. You can view the same information sorted by Division and Position, here. (Ignore any highlighting, for now, that’s just for me to use in another post I’m working on.) Alternatively, for the geeks among us, you can view the entire spreadsheet here [.xlsx].


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