Division 3 Season 14 Stats and Facts review.

+13 VA lucky for some especially Dynamo Kiev

A fantastic performance by the Ukranian side saw them advance from mid table prediction to the heights of D3.  Highest VA and PVA +12 /+13 respectively.

Stoke in 2nd were the 2nd in the stats as well as form was thrown away at the top end of the table.  Great performances from Dnipro on +8 VA in 9th and Sporting in 8th,

Worst  performing teams was Werder Bremen who still made the playoffs just but –0.71 VA and Man Utd who were well off pace.  Lille had the lowest VA –12 and were relegated to boot. Never the less 3 out of 4 teams predicted to be relegated were.

Dynamo Kyiv89.086.888.
Stoke City87.087.889.088.584.087.3219.458263.50
Sporting CP88.088.087.388.085.087.3218.1616881.13
Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk88.087.887.588.085.087.3218.1617981.00
Borussia Mönchengladbach89.088.089.589.086.088.3220.856420.75
Galatasaray SK88.087.587.888.086.087.5218.28151140.45
Santos FC88.089.088.891.087.088.8222.353300.33
1. FC Köln88.087.389.087.585.087.4218.64121020.30
Shakhtar Donetsk86.086.387.587.585.086.5216.40191720.18
Celta Vigo85.
VfL Wolfsburg88.085.087.888.084.086.6216.04202000.05
Udinese Calcio88.088.589.389.087.088.4221.0556-10.00
Zenit Saint Petersburg89.
Chievo Verona87.087.588.388.587.087.7219.01914-5-0.29
Club Brugge KV88.087.388.588.585.087.5218.891016-6-0.31
Aston Villa91.089.089.590.085.088.9222.4225-3-0.40
Lille OSC88.087.888.889.586.088.0220.26719-12-0.58
Manchester United88.088.890.
Werder Bremen88.089.590.392.086.089.2224.4817-6-0.71

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