Top 100 Rules

The original and more detailed Top 100 Rules.

The following is a summary of the most important bits.

Squad cap

  • 50 players maximum at any time
  • Cap includes all loan players
  • Transfer ban for going over 50 players

Transfer rules

  • No cancelling accepted or agreed deals
  • (5 minute grace period for mistakes)
  • Transfer ban for cancelling deals
  • Pre-agreed transfer deals involving players still on transfer ban
  • Managers to post deals on newsfeed and Future Transfers page
  • Transfer banned managers can agree Future Transfers
  • New players added to the database as free agents
  • All bids public, no bids higher than first maximum bid
  • Transfer ban for bidding higher
  • 1 month ban for 1st offence
  • Only sales to external clubs allowed while banned – no loans or transfers with other managers
  • Repeat offenders will be asked to resign
  • New managers agree contract length and target
  • Contracts intended to add a bit of fun, realism and competitiveness
  • Unsuccessful managers expected to resign and take new job

Manager sackings

  • Bottom 3 in each division
  • Sacked managers may be re-appointed
  • Sacked managers may be offered new clubs

Top 100 FA


  • Panel of Top 100 managers
  • Manager selection for popular jobs
  • Advice and guidance on Top 100 issues

  • Top 100 Divisions 1-5
  • Top 100 Cup
  • Top 100 Shield
  • Top 100 World Club Cup & Shield
  • Top 100 Youth Cup & Shield