Game World Rules

Top 100 is a gameworld setup with 100 teams from across the globe, divided into 5 divisions of 20 teams.

Each division has 4 promoted teams & 4 relegated teams per season with the bottom 2 (3 from Season 10) clubs of each division getting sacked (see ‘Sackings’ below).

Additional to automatic sackings, Top 100 managers sign contracts with their clubs and can expect to resign / be asked to resign based upon underachieving goals agreed when they signed their contracts.

The game world has adapted its own rules to enforce fair play within the transfer market & to keep the game world fun & competitive ensuring that no shady background agreements can be used in order to manipulate the game for personal gain or advantage over other members of the Top 100 community.

Top 100 has various in house competitions such as the ‘Youth Cup’ & ‘World Club Championship’ independently run via the use of the friendlies system within the game world to add further competition & ability to achieve success in the game world.

Squad Limit

The squad limit for the gameworld has been set at 50, which is strictly enforced. Anyone having more than 50 players (including loans), will face a transfer ban sanction and possibly further sanctions.

Transfer Rules

Any arrangement made between 2 managers for the sale/purchase/exchange of a player that has been unambiguously agreed by both parties whether via the SM transfer system, News Feed, Chat, Private Message or other means of communication shall be deemed to be a binding contract unless it breaches any general or specific transfer rules subsequently set out or is exempted as follows:

  1. Where a bid is received via the SM transfer system and is accepted without any prior agreement having been made and is cancelled within 5 minutes of it being initially accepted.
  2. If a manager leaves T100.
  3. If a manager changes clubs within T100.
  4. If a manager should subsequent to the agreement but prior to the transfer being completed have a transfer ban imposed the other party has the right to withdraw from the agreement.
  • Multi-part transactions will be viewed as separate individual transfers with respect to the application of the rules.
  • The ownership of any player remains with the club to which they are contracted until a transfer is completed through the SM system.
  • The sanctions for breach of transfer rules will be as set out on the T100 Blog.

Specific Transfer Rules

Purpose of Rules
  1. To prevent manager deals to “loan” players for cash to other clubs circumventing the max rating limit imposed by the Chairman.
  2. To prevent manager deals to “loan” players for cash to other clubs to remove concerns that the player has.
  3. To prevent managers selling players to a friendly “holding” club prior to the manager switching clubs and then buying the player for their new club.
  4. To prevent external ownership of players.
  5. To prevent managers circumventing the 50 player squad limit.
  6. To prevent managers circumventing the rule on a maximum of 3 transfers with another club in a season.
  7. To prevent players being immediately “re-sold” without having served their transfer ban.
  8. To create transparency within the community on multi part deals.
  • Player for Cash Transfer
  • One Player for One Player Exchange Transfer
  • Two Players for One Player Exchange Transfer (Single Transaction)
  1. Any objection to the general legality of the transfer to be made through SM “Illegal Transfer” system.
  2. Any objection to the transfer with regards to T100 rules to be made via Private Message to David Marsden, not by posting in the News Feed.
  3. No re-purchasing of any player who was sold with concerns by original selling manager within 52 weeks.
  • Two Players for One Player Exchange Transfer (Two Transactions)
  • Three (or more) Players for One Player Exchange Transfer
  • Other Multi Part Transactions/Staged Transfers
  1. As above, plus:
  2. The transfer of any player must be completed to the purchasing club prior to the sale of that player to third club (i.e., no ‘third party ownership’ (see below).
  3. One or both managers to post an outline of the deal in the News Feed.
  4. Where the transfer of a player is not immediately possible and is delayed due to them serving a transfer ban it shall be completed within 5 days of the ban ending.
  5. Attention is drawn to the implications of General Rules.

Third Party Ownership’ & ‘Loan Transfers’

Third Party Ownership (TPO) is banned in Top 100.

A transfer becomes a TPO when a player has been essentially owned by 3 clubs however has only actually been within the squad of 2 of the 3 clubs, therefore using a loophole to transfer the player in another deal but avoid the transfer ban at the club within the initially agreed deal.


Club A & Club B agree a transfer for Lionel Messi (Club A) in exchange for Cristiano Ronaldo (Club B) & Gareth Bale (Club B). 

Lionel Messi (Club A) is sold in exchange for Cristiano Ronaldo (Club B) in a straight swap leaving Gareth Bale (Club B) to be transferred at a later date for whatever reason, be it transfer ban time, lack of funds to complete the deal or to ensure that Club A does not breach the 50 player limit rule.

Down the line, Club A agrees a deal to sell Gareth Bale to Club C in exchange for Antoine Griezmann (Club C) however Gareth Bale is still playing for Club B, having not yet transferred to Club A. 

This agreed deal between Club A & Club C for the swap of Gareth Bale & Antoine Griezmann is only fine (Legit) once Gareth Bale has transferred from Club B to Club A as was initially agreed upon in the original deal (Lionel Messi for Cristiano Ronaldo + Gareth Bale). 

Gareth Bale must transfer to Club A & serve his transfer ban before moving to Club C in exchange for Antoine Griezmann without exception.

This rule / ban was voted for by the Top 100 community, 10/2016. 

Loan Transfers Deals

Loan Transfers are banned in Top 100.

This ban refers to the manipulation of transferring players with another club for a brief period of time before transferring them back to the original clubs in order to remove player concerns from players.

No deals, no matter the level of concern can be completed between clubs if the premise of the transfer is essentially a loan where by the players will return to their original clubs prior to the transfer at a later date.


Club A & Club B agree a deal to transfer Danny Rose (Club A – Level 2 concern) for Luke Shaw (Club B – Level 4 concern) with the premise that these players will transfer back to their original club at a future date in order to remove the ‘Player Concern’ each player has to avoid a potential Level 5 concern resulting in the player becoming available for a transfer without the managers need for approval / rejection on the offers. 


As of Season 10, the bottom 3 clubs of each division will get sacked.

The sackings will be setup within the gameworld settings, but will be conditional, e.g., if a manager has had back to back promotions, joined mid season or have a much weaker side than the rest of the league they may get offered back their job.

If you don’t get offered the same job back then you will get offered a lower league club.

You may not got offered any job back if you are deemed to be inactive, e.g., on the newsfeed, blog, Facebook and WhatsApp groups, unresponsive to private messages and transfer offers.

You may also receive your job back if there is no interest from other managers within the gameworld.


Managerial contracts in one way or another have been in place in Top 100 since Season 3, first under the guise of ‘Managerial Stipulations‘. There was great success for 2 seasons before time constraints & managers not adhering to ‘gentleman’s agreements’ to step down upon failure of stipulations stopped the process for a time, but for a few individuals whom would continue with their own stipulations over the seasons.

In Season 10, a revival in the form of Managerial Contracts saw a good uptake of managers wanting to participate in the more realistic form of objectives per club, as if given by a board to a manager to gauge success. Whilst around this time there was also more demand for contracts to be given to managers so as to encourage participation within all events in Top 100, perhaps to remove inactivity in the GameWorld.

During Season 15, a change in the admin team that saw DP91, Dan Wallace & Stephen Beddows officially step in to take charge or administering rules within Top 100 from David Marsden, the decision to re-introduce, regulate & objectively oversee the Managerial Contracts within Top 100 was announced upon previous GameWorld polls voting for contracts to be introduced in Top 100.

Later, Contracts themselves would be voted for remaining hidden to the general population of Top 100, with the admin team only, having access to all information on contracts. In Season 16, the first additions of contracts were added with all of Division 1 (20) given contracts, as well as new managers or re-appointed managers (20) therefore seeing 40% of the GameWorld in the first season proper of Managerial Contracts receive them.

In Season 17, the additional 60 managers will receive contracts to become the first full season in Top 100 whereby all managers have contracts for their clubs.

World Club Cup

If the home team offers but doesn’t get a response then they get 3-0 win, if the away team PMs the home manager at least 24 hours before the game that isn’t scheduled and it isn’t set up then 3-0 away win…if neither of these, both teams receive a 3-0 loss on the league table…

Fictional Extra Time over 2 legs: If there is no winner over 2 legs via away goals then there will be a goal for 1) team with most possession 2) team with most shots ON target 3) Team who scored the earliest goal over 2 legs…if it still a draw then the team with the most corners over 2 legs will progress…

Manager & Player Awards

There will be a Manager of the year award per division where each manager will have upto 1 vote per division.

The same will be done for Player Awards, each manager can nominate 1 player & young young player (max age 21 at start of season) and once again, each manager will have upto 1 vote per player & per young player for each of the 5 divisions.

How do I get to manage a bigger/other team?

When a manager leaves, bigger clubs will be offered within the gameworld first of all.

The way in which to get a bigger club is down to a number of factors:

  • How successful you have been with your current club
  • How active you have been on the newsfeed
  • How active you have been on the blog
  • Transfer activity with other managers
  • You have not received any reprimands (as listed below)

Transfer Bans

The part of Top 100 that we don’t like to do but must enforce to keep the game world fun and running according to rules & regulations.

If you believe another manager is in a position of breaching any of the rules & regulations you can feel free to provide any information via ‘screenshots’ which can be sent to Dan Wallace, DP 91 or Sir Stephen Beddows (God) rather than posted publicly on the Top 100 news feed which could result in unnecessary or heated confrontations.

Manager Reprimands  

These can be awarded to managers who have breached rules & regulations which can count against a manager in the future when applying to take control of another available club & in drastic scenarios can result in a manager’s removal from the game world.

These can be awarded to a manager if you believe a manager has:

  • Breached the agreement to keep a squad below the 50 man limit total.
  • Accepted a transfer offer to then cancel the transfer / back out of a deal.
  • Breaching additional transfer laws.

*Transfers that are pre-agreed by both Managers and are active on the ‘Future Transfers’ page of the blog can still be completed with 1 or both of the managers under a transfer ban.

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