Managerial Contracts – Results

Last week we polled the visibility for the returning Managerial Contracts for Season 16, 17, 18 with the initial first season trial starting in Season 16 for Division 1 managers & reappointed or newly appointed managers.

We hope that with a successful first season in Season 15 for the ‘Contracts’ we can install a fair system across the board in Top 100, encouraging competitive but fair challenge to all clubs across the game world, ensuring that clubs can be attended to fittingly, dependant on the clubs needs. This may of course mean some contracts pushing elite, higher rated teams for trophies & high finishes within their divisions, although likely more so within the upper echelons of Division 1. This may mean contracts to enforce a building period for lower end Division 5 clubs that require time & attention to see them improve in the long term, but slowly encourage a sign of progression over seasons.

We aim to ensure that with this system, where some managers may believe they’re building for the long term improvement of their side, the contract system may limit a period whereby failure to show a little improvement may eventually be judged by the secret panel for whether the long term build is heading in the right direction or simply stumbling along inefficiently. Of course, it’s unlikely that all 100 teams can be heading in a positive trajectory at all times however we hope that the Contracts system enables a care & attention to be paid to all clubs so as to ensure no clubs fall away into insurmountable positions for returning to a competitive level.

The results of the polls can be found below;

A positive return of 79% of the game world voting over the 10 day voting period, a good turn out for the poll. The results, an 11 vote margin for having Contracts hidden to the public/general population, a near 14% difference.

As for the specifics of the Contracts & their potential for being made visible situation dependant;

An overall vote of 32 totalling for the Contracts being made public here, a 2 vote difference from the 34 that voted for the option of Public versus Hidden in the first poll. In regards to the more Hidden options but potentially being made visible, a split between being made public when a stipulation has not been achieved & being kept totally secret, with the latter being the slight winner between the two.

Results Summary

We, the admin team, therefore in support of the poll, will keep Contracts hidden.

We, the admin team, will herein only make stipulations where failed, known to the secret panel where required for voting on a managers future; Reappointment & new contract or Sacked upon failure of contract.

Thanks to all the managers whom voted in the polls for Contracts, we hope they will see a positive implementation in Top 100 & value within the community, good luck to all Top 100 managers in Season 16 whom are part of the first initial season trial.

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