Poll Results: New Player Free Agents

UPDATE: Results of the poll.

New players are added to the Soccer Manager database every day. There’s often one or more hot, new footballing talent among them who lots of managers want to bid for.

That’s all fine for twenty four hours or so. Then, sometimes, players’ values increase, and as they do so, the maximum bid increases, too.

For anyone who happens to be able to re-bid, that’s fine, and a bit of a bonus. Some of the most sought-after young players can have half the game world or more bidding for them.

If half of those aren’t able to re-bid because they’re at work, or asleep, that improves your chances of winning!

But it’s not really fair on those who, through no fault of their own, simply can’t re-bid on a daily or regular basis.

Suggested new rule for Top 100:

All bids on new free agents must be public, and no bids higher than the first (maximum) bid.

Suggested sanction for breaking this rule:

One month ban on bidding on new player free agents, and having to sell the player signed illegally once they come off their transfer ban.

Sanctions increase as per regular transfer ban sanctions for repeat offenders


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