Division 4 Season 14 Stats and Facts review.

Run away leaders are not top of the stats.

You could argue that Zagreb were a cut above the rest and a mighty +3 PVA put them in 2nd spot behind River Plate

Atalanta a great performance in 12th place gave them +5 VA

Augsburg came last in the PVA, missing out on the play offs when they should have got there.  ( perhaps no fault of the highly talented manager LOL ) .  Villareal had the lowest VA on -7 VA . 3 of the lowest 5 ranked were relegated.

River Plate88.087.887.588.585.087.4218.49122105.50
Dinamo Zagreb89.088.589.389.586.088.5221.383123.00
Beşiktaş JK88.088.588.389.086.088.0220.136420.75
Rubin Kazan89.088.588.
Atalanta BC85.087.388.087.586.086.8217.60171250.50
Fenerbahçe SK87.087.387.888.083.086.6217.60161330.31
ACF Fiorentina88.
Lokomotiv Moskva88.087.087.387.586.087.2217.16181620.19
Leicester City87.
Málaga CF87.086.387.387.085.086.5215.99202000.05
Dynamo Moskva88.089.388.888.587.088.3220.9345-10.00
Montpellier HSC88.087.088.387.584.087.0217.721518-3-0.11
West Bromwich Albion90.089.088.589.082.087.7220.4957-2-0.14
Olympique Marseille87.087.388.588.086.087.4218.561114-3-0.14
Swansea City89.087.888.889.086.088.1220.05710-3-0.20
Villarreal CF88.088.088.389.087.088.1219.85815-7-0.40
FC AUGSBURG88.088.588.890.586.088.4221.5128-6-0.63

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