Youth Cup Knock Out

2nd Round: (Saturday 20th August)

PSV (0)               Bayern Munich (1)
Valencia (3)         Feyenoord (1)
Real Madrid (2)   Man Utd (1)
Hamburg (2)        Levante (1)
Barcelona (3)       Cruzerio (0)
AC Milan (2)       Mounchengladbach (1)
Udinese (3)          Twente (0)
Anderletcht (1)    Olympiacos (0)
Napoli (0)            Atletico Madrid (2)
Liverpool (0)       Juventus (1)
Chelsea (1)          Celta Vigo (3)
Leverkusen (3)    Aston Villa (0)
Lokomotiv (0)    Sampdoria (0) (Sampdoria win After Fictional Extra Time)
Dortmund (3)     Fiorentina (1)
Marseille (2)      Sunderland (0)
Sassuolo (W)      Galatasray (L) (Sassuolo progress as Gala didnt accept the friendly request in time)

3rd Round: (Saturday 27th August)

Real Madrid (0) v Juventus (0) REAL MADRID WIN 2-1 AET
Borussia Dortmund (0) v Celta Vigo (3)
AC Milan (4) v Sassuolo (3)
Hamburg (0) v Udinese (2)
Bayer Leverkusen (2) v Sampdoria (2) BAYER LEVERKUSEN WIN 4-3 AET
Valencia (3) v Bayern Munich (1)
Marseille (0) v Anderletcht (2)

Atletico Madrid (2) v Barcelona (1) 

Quarter-Final: (Saturday 3rd September)

Bayern Leverkusen v Atletico Madrid

Udinese v Real Madrid

Anderletcht (3) v AC Milan (2)

Valencia v Borussia Dortmund

Semi Finals: (Saturday 10th and 17th September)

Valencia v Real Madrid (Real Madrid progress)

Anderletcht v Bayern Leverkusen (Bayer Leverkusen progress)

Finals 24th September and 1st October

Bayer Leverkusen v Real Madrid


IF matches end as a score draw, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 etc then there will be a fictional extra time where 3 goals will be scored. 

each factor result in 1 goal: 1) team with most possession 2) team with most shots ON target 3) Team who scored the first goal

IF matches finish 0-0 then there will be a fictional extra time where 2 goals will be scored 1) team with the most possession 2) teams with the most shots ON target. IF it is 1-1 after fictional extra time then the team with the most Possession + Shots ON target will progress. 


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