World Club Cup Season 18

The link to all the groups and the matches can be found here —



So this year we have a new format to test out, could well be the biggest we have tried to organise in Top100, certainly in my time anyhow. So lets crack on.


There are no squad restrictions on this competition, you can field who ever you wish of any age.

20 Groups made up of 5 teams, 1 team from each division

Each team will each other Once in the group stages

Teams who finish top of the group and the 10 best second placed sides will progress to the World Club Cup Main draw (The two best performing sides will receive a Bye in round one of the knockouts)

The remaining second placed teams and teams who finished third will move into the World Club Cup Shield draw. (The two best performing 2nd placed sides in this side of the draw will receive a bye in round one of the knockouts)

Teams will be seeded based on performance in the groups to determine their path to the final.

In the knockout stage, if the scores are level at full-time, Fictional Extra Time comes into play:

  • One goal scored for the team with most possession.
  • One goal scored for the team with the most shots on target.
  • One goal scored for the team who scored first in normal time.

If scores are still level, team with most possession + shots on target gets one extra goal (see original FET rule:

Each group game is to played on a Wednesday, starting Wednesday 3rd August and every week there after until its conclusion.

The link to all the groups and the matches can be found here —

The group stages have now been complete and we have our knockout contenders now all sorted. The group stages were decided by points, then to separate teams head to head record and then goal difference. Here is how the list of sides looked come the end of the group stages

Based on this both Arsenal and Barcelona received a Bye into round 2, along with Hellas Verona and Augsburg who received a Bye in the Shield into round 2.

All games are single legs, and will take place on Weds September 21st with Fictional Extra Time being used to decide games finished in a tie.

World Club Cup Main Draw –

World Club Cup Shield Draw –

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