Manager Contracts

A History

Contracts in Top 100 have had a history of appearances in various formats which have been posted on the blog; StipulationsStipulation Reflection & Updates, Manager Contracts over seasons dating back from Season 3 with DP91, Rahul W & David Marsden all overseeing the formats at different times.


So that you don’t have to go & read what has come before & what comes next & now, here is a summary of what Contracts in Top 100 mean now from Season 16 onwards.

Contracts are implemented in Top 100 so as to create a better sense of realism to teams & to encourage managers to pursue progression, achievements & a higher level of competition within the GameWorld.

In Season 16 upon previous voting amongst the Top 100 community, a combination from the history of Stipulations & Contracts we introduced Manager Contracts with stipulations for each manager over a 3 season period, for which as shown in the above two links, information was to be kept private between Admin & Manager per club unless the manager wishes to share with others.

In Season 16, Contracts returned for Division 1 (20) + any newly appointed managers at clubs (20) for an initial phasing in process (40/100) across Top 100.
In Season 17 onwards Top 100 will fully implement contracts (100/100).

How it Works (What you need to know)

  • All managers receive a 3 season contract of stipulations
  • Stipulation per season to be achieved example;
    S1; Finish Top 12, S2; Finish Top 10, S3; Finish Top 8
  • Some clubs, often high ranking Division 1 clubs, attain minimum position finishes per season, every season
  • Failed stipulation results in panel vote on “Sacked” – “Reappointed” – “New Club”
  • If a club meets it’s third (3rd) season stipulation in the first (1st) of the contract, they receive a “Free” season without contracted stipulations to meet
  • Often a contract will be added with leeway of 1-2 positions within the first season compared to statistics, based on numerical difference of rating points, meaning if the lower ranked teams are within a 0.3 or higher number, the leeway would be smaller.
  • A “Free” season will not receive judgement unless the manager/club finishes bottom 3 (18th, 19th, 20th) whereby they will be automatically sacked, however reinstated without need of a panel decision
  • In the following season after the “Free” season, the manager/club receives a new 3 season contract of stipulations
  • Alternative ways to win a “Free” season – Division Winner, Top 100 Cup Winner, Top 100 Shield Winner, World Club Cup Winner, Youth Cup Winner. Only World Club Shield, Youth Shield & SMFA Competitions, should you win any, will not result in a “Free” season.

How are Contracts Implemented? (The Process)

  • The Admin team oversee a process of data collection for attaining information as to the statistical level of a teams best average rated 11 players
  • Comparisons & rankings across the GameWorld are made & recorded for understanding where a team could be expected to perform with an objective overview
  • Later, an overview of a squads average age, ability to develop over time & general assets are evaluated subjectively by the admin team
  • Talks commence with the manager of a club with an objective prediction of finishes plus a percentile of positions as an understanding of how tight competition might be.
    For example; Team A possess the 10/20 highest ranked average 11 in Division 1, their squad is youthful & possesses good assets for market trading. Therefore for the contract; Season 1; Finish Top 12 or higher. Season 2; Finish Top 10 or higher. Season 3; Finish Top 8 or higher.
  • The manager of the club is then afforded the ability to negotiate why they believe the contract stipulations should be different or accepted with a potential new proposal sent to admin.
  • Finally, a concluded & accepted contract by both parties is recorded by admin.

Failing to meet Stipulations (Potential Outcomes)

  • “Secret Panel” members are drafted to vote on “Sacked” – “Reappointed” – “New Club” outcomes for managers that failed to meet stipulations of their contract
  • Panel members drafted in to vote on the outcome of a manager are NOT allowed to apply for the club job in the outcome of the manager being “Sacked” – This prevents tactical voting
  • “Reappointed” – The manager has been deemed to be; unlucky, unfortunate, a good suitor, a good long term manager, for the club & is reappointed as Manager.
  • “New Club” – The manager has been deemed to be; unsuitable, not the best fit, not up to standards, for the club, but is given the opportunity for a new club in Top 100.
  • “Sacked” – The manager has been deemed to be; unsuitable for Top 100, not up to standards of Top 100 in their current showing & is offered a chance to take a team in Top 120 & apply for future roles in Top 100.


  • Q – I’ve achieved my Season 3 stipulation early & have a “Free Season”, can I still have a new contract?
  • A – Yes. You can PM Admin & discuss a new 3 season contract & not take the “Free Season”
  • Q – I have failed a stipulation by a tight margin (goal difference, 1-3 points, 1-3 places), will I lose my job?
  • A – All decisions will be made by the “Secret Panel” but it is predicted to be highly unlikely any manager will not be reappointed unless this is a multiple time failed stipulation, going from the history of voting in Top 100s community.
  • Q – I have completed my 2nd season stipulation in my 1st season, what does this mean?
  • A – Essentially you’re ahead of the curve but you will still need to beat the 2nd season stipulation again, in the 2nd season. Only in completing the 3rd season (3 season plan) stipulation would the club receive a “Free Season”.
  • Q – I have completed the 1st season of my contract, do I have a new 3rd season stipulation to aim for now to earn a “Free Season”?
  • A – No. You will now see out the remaining two seasons worth of stipulations for the contract & be able to negotiate a new 3-season contract at the end of the 3rd season. All accomplishments prior, in event of a failed seasons stipulation, will be taken into account by the panel.
  • Q – I have failed a stipulation & the “Secret Panel” have voted for me to be “Sacked”, can I still be in Top 100?
  • A – Yes. It is possible that you will be behind a number of managers whom have been voted for a “New Club” & therefore may have to wait until they have been appointed elsewhere. The last possible scenario is that you will need to spend some time in Top 120 before returning to Top 100 due “New Club” managers & the waiting list of managers competing in Top 120 for a chance to prove their credentials in Top 100 taking priority.
  • Q – What does a “Free Season” mean?
  • A – The “Free Season” does not have a stipulation where judgement on performance is made. This “Free Season” should be seen as a; rebuild, re-establish, reinforce season where a new direction can be taken or the direction can be further nailed down without the time constraints perhaps enforced by stipulations.
  • Q – Do I have to have a contract?
  • A – Yes. The Top 100 community voted in contracts & therefore we will trial the process over a number of seasons before potentially re-polling the implementation of contracts within the GameWorld or potential changes to the process.
  • Q – Why is my contract harder than ‘Team X’ contract?
  • A – Contracts are statistically informed by numbers (ratings). Numbers will change through the season & our statistics will be collected bi-seasonally to inform our base view before overviewing a squad subjectively also on things such as; youth talent/potential, age issues & future resale value for changes in the market. We promise there is no bias or purposeful ‘harder’ contracts than what is informed by objective data.
  • Q – Where can I find all contract details?
  • A – Top 100 voted for contracts to be anonymous, you will know your contract & if someone shares theirs with you, that is fine, but there is nowhere to find all managers contract details.
  • Q – Does anyone not have a contract?
  • A – We have allowed a choice to be made by previous GW owners for whether or not they have contracts as thanks for the years of service to Top 100 in overseeing administrative tasks, all current admin will always have contracts alike the rest of Top 100, we don’t see there ever being a less than 98% uptake of managers on contracts.
  • Q – How do I know there is data & facts behind information of what my suggested contract should be?
  • A – Below is an example from the end of Season 15 where information was collated & has since been built on over consequent seasons at GW1 & GW38 periods for all managers & teams with club & manager information blanked out. Admin are constantly on top of all data behind contract information.

  • Q – What happens if a manager fails their contract, the panel vote for them to be sacked but they don’t resign?
  • A – They will be under a permanent transfer ban, no club will be allowed to deal with that club & we will seek their removal from the GW, their future in the GW will be next to worthless.
  • Q – I’ve finished in the relegation & sackable places in my “Free Season” what happens?
  • A – You won the right to a transition season where you could do as you wished regarding changes in the squad, you will be reappointed without need of the panel despite being sacked.