Managerial Contracts

For Season 16 & onwards in theory, we are introducing the concept of contracts in Top 100.

A contract is an agreed stipulation(s) for which managers must target particular finishes in competitions in the game world, otherwise they will face a final secret panel vote upon whether or not they should continue in their managerial role at their current club or not.

These contracts are agreed by both admin & the manager themselves with a loose suggestion based upon statistics collected from within the game world regarding the strength of squad, starting 11 & therein a rough objective view. Of course, further more subjective views are additionally taken into account for a longer term prospect within a club or its requirement of transition.

The idea of contracts is to encourage top division clubs to push for success rather than sit on laurels or previous achievement, consistently ensuring that new heights are pursued by clubs & managers alike.

In the outcome of a success for contracts, further contracts may be explored within Top 100 as within Season 16, contracts are only assigned to Division 1, re-appointed or newly appointed managers, roughly 33% of the game world.

At this moment in time, these contracts, negotiated by manager & admins are known only by those parties. We are however herein exploring whether or not the contracts assigned within the game world are to remain hidden as currently done so or made public to the viewing of all of Top 100 & Top 120 here on the blog.

Please before voting consider;

  • Managers have negotiated contracts so in to encourage an increasing competitiveness in the game world for the better of the game world.
  • All contracts are negotiated so as to ensure all parties are happy, we do not want to discourage or dissuade managers from competing/managing in Top 100.
  • Whilst not all managers have contracts currently, in the future, all might. Think if you would be happy to have your stipulations made public or known only by yourself, admin & if required, the secret panel.

Please once again ensure you have read above prior to voting.

First a simple vote, followed by a more in-depth vote.


    • The polls aren’t fantastic on here. No end date enabled, I believe people can also vote multiple times if they’d wanted also.


      • You can set an end date, which I think you’ve now done. You can also restrict or prevent multiple voting with the cookies and/or IP setting (don’t remember what it’s called), which should prevent all honest Top 100 managers accidentally voting more than once.

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