Partizan- After the party was over

Here its the hot off the press thoughts from Walter as Partizan suffer relegation…. 

“Well to say im sad and disheartened about the effort the team has put in is something no words can express”.  The players have owned up in their lack of effort this season and a few have already been shipped out or are packing their bags as we speak. The main player blamed after a decent start is not to be named but he is 89 rated…

Next season with new talent coming in  the door we are aiming a return to division 3 as soon as we can. The chairman says there is no pressure at this time but feels future transfers need to be done inline with the philosophy of the club, no more pensioners or players on decline.

Abner 22 87 on the way in will be a vital peice along with Daka 24 87 and keeping the youthful element the squad has at the moment. Thr manager is looking to add to this pool where possible.

Tactics have been a problem when trying anything it just hasnt worked. We aim to solve this issue in house and sort roles and positions players understand… 

There will be more exits….

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