Season 19 Division 5 Stats and facts review.

Two great examples of how to play the game right. Fiorentina should have been 18th but came 1st +17 VA and +18 PVA.

Shaktar should have been last +17 VA and +6 PVA.

2nd spot Olympiacos have +10 VA with Athletic club on +8 VA. Other notable over achievers were Montpellier and Newcastle.

Most abjectly poor performance as -18 VA Lazio, Spartak Moscow were not far behind on -14 VA , along with Lyon.  Villareal and Stuttgart on -10 VA were also behind the curve.

ACF Fiorentina87.086.886.686.085.086.3215.221811718.00
Shakhtar Donetsk86.084.886.
Athletic Club87.086.086.687.085.086.3215.2717981.00
Montpellier HSC87.086.887.488.085.086.8217.1611651.00
Boca Juniors 89.086.888.487.085.087.2217.557431.00
Newcastle United87.085.586.887.083.085.9214.79191270.67
AS Saint-Etienne87.086.387.
FC Basel87.086.086.689.082.086.1216.21161510.13
Atalanta BC88.087.387.887.086.087.2217.478800.13
Olympique Marseille88.087.387.387.083.086.5216.671314-10.00
VfB Stuttgart89.087.587.687.083.086.8217.27919-10-0.47
Club Brugge KV 88.087.587.
Villarreal CF
Rubin Kazan88.
Olympique Lyonnais88.087.387.688.086.087.4217.96418-14-0.72
Spartak Moskva87.086.388.689.085.087.2218.37317-14-0.76
SS Lazio

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