Division 5 Season 18 Stats and Facts

Top of the stats but not the league?

Rubin and Sunderland are the clear stats leaders but the first two games haven’t been kind to them.

Kazan and Sunderland are almost two rating points better than most.  Solid all round teams, that should be able to double bounce with ease .  When you consider the 5th place team in D3 has a ranking of 219.43 they should have no trouble winning the league with games to spare.

Then as is usual for D5 there are a huge amount of team separated by a tiny margin. Lyon and Spartak are give or take identical. Torino just really need to add a keeper, Stuttgart could add a little depth.  Atalanta are a much more solid outfit now and they would be my prediction for a good cup run.

No relegation of course but always the sack race to look forward to.  Shaktar are the weakest by far,  then as far up as Athletic club any of those could finish in the lowest 3 positions,  some TLC or maybe TCP needed for a few of those clubs I think.

Division 5 is slightly weaker than last season about 0.1 across the board , which would equate to 1 88 becoming an 87.

Rubin Kazan89.088.588.488.086.088.0219.721
Olympique Lyonnais87.
Spartak Moskva87.
VfB Stuttgart89.087.087.887.583.086.9217.326
Montpellier HSC87.086.888.087.585.086.9217.327
Olympique Marseille88.087.887.387.085.087.0217.318
Atalanta BC88.087.087.887.086.087.2217.239
Boca Juniors89.086.888.386.585.087.1217.1110
AZ Alkmaar87.086.888.
AS Saint-Etienne87.087.387.587.085.086.8216.9912
Lokomotiv Moskva87.086.387.587.585.086.7216.5214
Athletic Club87.
FC Basel87.087.386.387.085.086.5215.9916
ACF Fiorentina87.086.887.
Shakhtar Donetsk86.086.585.487.083.085.6214.3520

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