Division 4 Season 18 Stats and Facts

Sao Paulo 2 points above the rest clear favourites

The Brazilian team should make light work of the opposition. Strong in all departments , plenty of depth . Should romp to victory.  Twente lack a keeper and 2nd  could flatter them but not if they make a great signing , maybe cash in some depth,  Inter should grab third, a more balanced side than Twente , similar to their close rivals Cruziero.

Dynamo Moscow risking it all with an attacking formation ,they too need a keeper and could finish much higher if they can pick up an 88.

218 is the Division 3 cut off, so Palace, Kyiv, Lille, CSKA, Malaga , VIllareal can all still hope for a playoff with security in D3 if they make it up.

216.5 was the relegation danger zone last season,  by in large Newcastle and Lazio are doomed at the moment, with Fenerbache likely to join them . West Ham maybe have a strong enough keeper to pull them through , which could leave Brugge or Koln if they get injuries hanging on the edge.

Cup run? Bordeaux, Inter or Twente.

Division 4 is considerably weaker than last season with a 0.3 rating point drop across the board.

São Paulo FC90.089.389.590.086.089.0222.621
FC Twente87.087.888.889.587.088.0220.262
Dynamo Moskva86.087.388.090.584.087.2219.435
Crystal Palace88.087.887.589.086.087.7218.936
Dynamo Kyiv88.087.587.889.085.087.5218.817
Lille OSC90.086.888.588.585.087.8218.738
CSKA Moskva87.
Málaga CF87.087.888.387.586.087.3218.4410
Villarreal CF87.087.087.888.586.087.3218.0911
Chievo Verona88.087.888.
Girondins Bordeaux88.087.387.887.586.087.3217.7613
1. FC Köln88.086.588.388.083.086.8217.5214
Club Brugge KV88.086.888.087.585.087.1217.4415
West Ham United89.087.087.587.585.087.2217.3616
SSC Napoli87.087.087.387.585.086.8216.9217
Fenerbahçe SK89.087.086.887.085.087.0216.4718
SS Lazio88.087.087.586.082.086.1215.9019
Newcastle United87.085.586.385.084.085.6213.1720

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