It appears that the strength of division 2 will be similar to that of season 17, but at worst, no stronger.

Just before the end of season 17, I tried to make some changes to the team but found that I was being offered poor players in return for mine and can only assume that the players I was offering did not meet other managers expectations. I do not talk up my own players as I like to give other managers the credit of knowing their worth. I therefore start season 18 with pretty much the same team that finished season 17, so I expect the outcome and league position may be similar too.

We still have an average rating of 89.0 for the best starting 11,  and therefore my aim will be to avoid relegation and our Chairman states “this season he expects us to avoid relegation”. My contract requires me to finish 10th, but this is a bit unrealistic when you compare our squad against the others in this division, and the leagues stats suggest 14th. 

Looking back over the last few seasons, 44 points should see us safe.


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