Top 100 Honours Dan Payne

Emotional scenes in Top 100 Memorial Square this evening as Beddows and Wallace unveiled the latest statue to honour one of the workhorses of the gameworld as he takes a back seat to concentrate on winning trophies with Juventus.

Beddows spoke momentarily: “It has been a great pleasure to serve with Payne, a manager who is astute, organised and knows what he wants. He is typified by his most admirable quality which in the game is his stubbornness. But having played the game alongside him since at least 2013 (easily) I feel that we have achieved a mutual understanding of each others qualities in managing gameworlds. Good luck next season!”

As they unveiled the 22 metre high statue that has been constructed between Hirst and Marsden there was naturally an outpouring of mass grief amongst the millions who’d gathered not seen since the days of Scott Mckenzie leaving Barcelona. It has been disclosed though that due to Dan Payne never having ever won the Division One title he will not get contract immunity like the forefathers and pioneers of Top 100 Mr Hirst and Mr Marsden.

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