Division One, final day, who’s going down?

Division one!

The final countdown!

We don’t have the excitement of playoffs or automatic promotion, but we still have the undecided factor of !!RELEGATION!!! (ahem, excuse me, just felt like shouting that bit) to sort out!

Right, lets dive on in!

Unmanaged Valencia are out of here, already with out a manager so nothing to for them to look forward, BUT, and it’s a Vincent Kompany size but, they have a massive say in the final day as they travel to Andrew Kelly’s 16th Place Real Madrid. A win for Real Madrid and no matter what happens elsewhere they will stay up, a draw and at worst they go down, but Kelly keeps his job! (to be honest, the goal difference between Madrid and teams below them is such that it will take a massive result from SC Internacional regardless of what happens with Madrid to see Kelly lose his job).

Any way, focus Wallace, lets get back on it…..

Eyes from Madrid will no doubt be firmly looking at Milan, whys that you ask? Well Alex Borel’s AC Milan (17th) are at home to Hertha Berlin (6th), a win for the Black and Red makes this day tastier than cooking with Nigella Lawson! (is that tasty? I don’t know, she makes it very saucy if you know what I mean) What ever happens here though, Milan’s fate rest really on what happens back in Madrid!

The 3rd team in this saucy pot of Top100 football is SC Internacional (18th), a team that arguably shouldn’t be down here. They are all but destined for Division 2 next year unless they go and smash Dortmund on their patch, which given they average 1.08 goals a game seems as likely as Nuno and DP meeting for a drink and agreeing on anything! But (not as big as Kompany’s this time) a win for them and Milan not matching it will see them go down but Attila keeping his job!

Roma (19th) are also down and they take on Espanyol (10) in the “this means not a lot trophy”, although Espanyol will be keen to finish in the top 10 and secure European football once again!

A.Madrid (15th) have managed to wriggle out of a tight situation and can sit back and enjoy the final day as they travel over to Genoa (12th). Genoa would have had hope for a better campaign after last years title charge but a focus on the cups at one stage sees them just sitting comfortably in mid table. We have all spoken enough about Atletico’s season, Gav now has a team that fits nicely into the “one to watch next year” category.

The other part of this fascinating last day (I use the word fascinating very loosely) is the race for the top 4. The greatest team in Top100, Barcelona (why thank you kind sir) have the title wrapped up and don’t give a shit, but they will have a tough task at home to Chelsea (5th). Worryingly for Div1, Chelsea have worked out how to score goals, and if you take away that odd result last game, look set to have a proper crack at claiming back their title next season. Their season looked dead and buried at one point, but here we are, a chance to finish 2nd for the Chelsea Blues.

Juventus (2nd) travel to Man City (8th) in the “European trophies count on my CV” trophy. Despite being targeted as underachieving by many, Juventus could end the season second which is essentially winning the league for DP, all jokes aside, Youth Cup runner up and Div 1 runner is still a great achievement and shows when Juve turn up, they are a title challenging team. For City though, getting another win over the old lady (the team not you Dan) would see Alex finish the campaign comfortably in the top 10, add that the youth cup title and potential SMFA Shield to that and we have a manager of the season contender! Great work you double JD and coke drinking bastard.

The controversial old boys of Bayern Munich (3rd) welcome Heath’s Arsenal (7th). For all the lack of transfer activity at times in Munich, Bojan still knows how to get a tune out the old guard when he needs to, but is another trophyless season good enough for top100 giants? Arsenal unfortunately cant claim a top 4 spot which is one of the bigger disappointments when you look at where they were at one point (sorry Heath), however he can still look back at a top season and will end it as Top100 World Club Cup winners and can potentially claim the SMFA Shield if he can overcome City.

Porto (4th) will travel to Bayer Leverkusen (14th) praying they finish with a win. Top 4 looked nailed on at one point for the Portuguese outfit, but Andre loves throwing in some inconsistent results to spice it up and decided to do it the hard way (wanted to add a cock joke there about being hard but im running out of steam (that’s what she said) yes got that in! (that’s what she said again!) ahem, sorry). Staying up with Leverkusen was always the aim for Neil so he’s done that, well in son!

Hertha (6th) are the last team with a shot of the top 4, we already know they travel to Milan so both teams have a little bit riding on this one! They could finish as high as 2nd or as low as 7th such is the tightness of the top lot, but either way, its been a great campaign for the German club, at one point title challengers, then seem destined for top 4, but other teams below them coming into form has meant it might not quite be for them this season. Evan still, a record high finish is on the cards whatever happens on Thursday night!

That only leaves Anderlecht (9th) vs PSG (13th) left, playing for the “who needs a trophy when its this comfy sitting mid table, feet up, having a tea” Trophy. These two teams were never looking like they would be dragged down into the bottom scrap (ooo that sounds dirty) or be pulled up into the top 4 hunt. A new manager coming into PSG has a job on getting something better than Seats has done for this club, but we have seen PSG finish as high as 3rd in top 100, so it can be done!

Anyhow, that’s the final day wrap all sorted, im done, peace out and good luck to all the teams on the final day!

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