Division Four final countdown …

Here comes the final day run down at last. What a season it has been… masks, cream and gel to make it less painful and the football still continues….

From the top here we go.. to play for and hopes and dreams… from the little feedback I got from my request plus some opinions of course. No offence meant chaps…

Partizan cannot party yet regards the title. They have been pushed hard all the way by Palace. Recent form is too close to choose. Palace v Lille last game. While partizan play with Besiktas who have nothing but pride to play for. Lille are my favourites to get the last automatic spot as stated in TV T 100 episode. A team I dream of at night…

Lokomotiv are coming up behind full steam with the same chance but will only do it if both Lille and if they can de rail Atalantas mighty run of 3 unbeaten and Augsburg slip on the soap set out by others that dream.

Augsburg play PSV who could do them a favour as they did to me and donate 3 points to let them keep automatic spot for promotion.

Dreams will come true for a few I’m sure up there in the heavens of glory.

Play off glory is next …

From Celta to Fiorentina there will be butterfly’s till the whistle blows.. Rubin May ruin Fiorentinas night and Celta play the mighty nick on the endless quest to avoid the hairy sack..

who wins who cares if your not involved in the drama but I’m sure eagles will circle … for those who fail…

In the concrete of mid table nothingness my little team sit with three wins just too far to the play offs. Many of us dare to dream of the above glory and anguish but slow and steady made the steak ready.. as no one said before.

down at the strongest end where some have fallen and the mighty Roberto has crashed into a wall after being a great.. not any more. His last breath in this elite is against Marseille who need three to save themselves also…

Villarreal need one to be sure against Wolfsburg..

Can Nick who some call mighty stay up ??? with the last game against Celta. All eyes will be on this one I’m sure, the decider !!!. Martin and Gary will be there to live the drama.

Rappphhhinnaaaaa. You have never seen anything like this !!!!

signing off…

Cheers. Walt

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