Current Division 1 Managers Points Per Game Ratio (inclusive of all clubs)

PositionManagerPoints Per Game Ratio
1James McKenzie2.23
2Regan Thompson2.19
2N. Seats2.19
4DP 912.13
5Andrew Kelly2.09
6Dan Wallace2.02
7Heath Brown1.99
8Bojan H1.98
9Neil Frankland1.95
10Andre Guerra1.89
11Alex McLean1.87
11Dr. Martinez1.87
11Dario Savarino1.87
14Gav Harmer1.83
14Niall Taylor1.83
16Frank Hirst1.81
17Attilah Olah1.78
18Jamie Alldridge1.77
19Alex Borel1.73
20Golden Bear1.71
  • These figures are only averages. Obviously some managers have taken charge of far more games than others. This has invariably affected their averages. – No offence was intended in the making of this report.

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