How to stay in touch with Top100?

Any gameworld that is active needs to be able to communicate properly with its members so just how can you communicate and stay in touch.

  1. The historic staple of any Gameworld is its newsfeed – we actively encourage managers to post scores / advertise players. Commenting on each others posts encourages community and activity. ALL 100 members of the gameworld can access this.

2. Facebook – we aren’t a VMA or VMC but we have over 60 members of the Facebook group meaning it is a great place to share content and post players and even communicate directly via managers with messenger – which is instant and not limited like PM’s in Soccer Manager – the ability to upload pictures, videos etc as well gives it an added feature.

Not on the facebook group – search SM Top 100 in facebook and apply to join

3. Whatsapp – we have an active Whatsapp group with around 45 members – Whatsapp obviously is limited but its instant ability to be able to communicate messages and send direct messages might help you make a deal? If you want to Whatsapp link send me a message and a I will share it privately.

4. Discord – something that is being promoted by Soccer Manager and Nuno has created a userfriendly discord group for Top100 – why is Discord good? Well with its individual channels information doesnt get lost persay? Definately worth checking out as we look to build our communities some more?

5. The blog – everything is shared here – your Youth Cup and World Club Cup’s are found here – as is the history and of course Malcolms amazing stats! If you are not a fan of any of the abobe then add your email address as a follower and everytime an article is posted you will get an email. 🙂

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