Arsenal Double Cup Winners

A News Years Eve Suprise for Arsenal fans, as the squad and backroom staff toured London with the Two Cups on show.



A little early, with the season not finished, but worries on Covid restrictions, prompted a grand Tour with Youth Cup  and Top 100 Shield Cup.

Its been a great few seasons at Arsenal, promotion to the top with just short of 100 points and trying to build a good enough squad for top 10 , a cup run and Youth Cup has taken some doing and maybe even to the decline in my starting 11.

Some good deals some bad deals, but best not to dwell to much as football is a funny old game and players can turn a corner and be rejuvenated with a move or a new manager.

With my 200 games in charge coming up on Sunday against Leverkusen, its been a great little period last season winning the World Club Cup and SMFA Shield to follow it up with another Cup Double its very satisfying and justified the Youth Players brought in purely to win it. worked, this did impact on the first team and the Top Four / Six position that i wanted. it is just out of reach now, but i do think you need to be realistic where you can finish in the league and maybe a Cup run is the option to win a Trophy.

Thats Arsenal for 2021, Leverkusen and Stoke left in the league, can we hold on to 7th position?

A big semi final against Espanyol away in the SMFA Shield all in the first few days of 2022 before we head into season 17.

All the best for 2022 to my fellow managers, heading off for a few beers at friends (after the bus tour of course).

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