T100 Mag. Final edition.

It’s with a heavy heart I’ve decided to call time on the T100 mag. In truth I decided to run with it in the hope it would generate more activity within the T100 community but that hasn’t worked the way I hoped. The manager interviews I truly loved the effort managers went to in response to the questions I put to them, I genuinely enjoyed reading all the answers and felt like I got to know each of the managers ideas for the game and their own clubs a bit better. In regards to the drum I’ve been banging for the last few months about activity in the GW I may have overstepped the boundaries with the posts on the newsfeed calling out managers, I stand by my feelings and opinions on the matter but it’s not my place to go in all guns blazing, my inbox has been full of managers in agreement but as pointed out no rules have been broken by the lack of activity and as it’s not my game world I will remove the posts and slide quietly into the background in T100, I’ll still post my results and transfer activity, but I shan’t be going controversial. In terms of why I’m calling a day with this it’s simply time consuming, I spend at least 4 hours putting up the posts trying to jazz up the mediocre match reports SM generate and trying to find content to fill the mag but it just seems it’s flogging a dead horse already. I appreciate all the views I’ve had, and the comments which thankfully have all been positive, but I’ve recently rejoiced the workforce and have found myself a job which means the time I have spare needs to be spent doing things that don’t take as much time. So this is the final edition which will only consist of James McKenzie in the hot seat as again, I owe it to James to print his interview after the time he spent answering the questions.

In The Hot seat with…

Today we welcome Chelsea manager James McKenzie in to the final ‘in the Hot seat’

Do you think Scott already has one hand on another title despite us not being at the half way stage of the season yet? After last nights results dropping 2 points was the last thing I wanted…….were 7 behind now and if the truth be told yeh it’s gonna be hard to claw back these points as scott has got a perfect balance to his team atm……even missing Messi and pique he’s still relentless …..but we will keep going the first team is looking good ,I’d still like to improve my midfield more but I’m happy with the progress we have made.but to answer your question truthfully scotts Barca are running all of us ragged atm….

You have an impressive pool of youth talent at your disposal, are you always focused on finding the next generation of talent in T100? theres nothing better than finding youth in this game who go far and yeh it’s one thing I love about this game……very seldom you will find me buying one from the free transfer list that’s not my bag…..I love to get into the Unknown’s of trolling the externals and finding raw talent that are getting regular or good minutes on the field of play…..one prime example is Darwin nunez who was doing well at penerol and playing un20 international football…..well recently he made his move to Almeria in Liga2 for 3.6mill and made his debut last week for uruguay and scored the equaliser against Peru …..there’s nothing better than finding this kid and watching him do well…..most of my youth though I have picked up through deals….I’m ruthless when it comes to deals andnask anyone most will tell u I ask for a youth on top of every deal lol I just feel that if someone wants my player that bad I can get that extra youth who could thenIn turn make another deal happen in the future……we have acquired mount Reece James Tammy Abraham who are the future of chelsea we have got guendouzi Colin Dagba bakayo saka Dwight McNeil Gabriel of Lille and most of the other good youth I have acquired through selling players I got on the external list ie I got saka through remiro who I got on the external and used my powers to do a trade…..maybe the next step to trying to bridge the gap with Scott means I may need to let these top talents go with midfielders to get better ones in we shall see

2-2 draw with Arsenal last night, a game you probably were looking to win to keep pressure on Barcelona, after being 2-0 down was it a good point in the end? Last nights result was a good point in a way because arsenal did well and it was a tricky game …..they missed a few chances aswell as us having some good chances but our lads kept going and showed a great attitude to get a draw…..we missed Ramos last night through not being fit maybe he might have helped but great teams win no matter what the circumstances and that’s were we need to get to…..Barca did it last night and we need to also…..but in other seasons we would have lost that game so the progress is there we just need to keep going and hopefully we will reap the rewards……

What are your targets for rest of the season? Our target for the rest of the season is to win the league……just need to keep at it and hope scott hits the skids at some point …..need to be ready for him slipping up…..our other target is to get the rises when they come and swap accordingly for the benifit of the club…..gonna be interesting few months rise wise and I’m not scared to swap big players so we will see how that develops…..a lot of people in here don’t get the just of the game …..u need to continuesly swap to get the team in a better state ……albeit the deal needs to be right and it’s a two way street on one hand people don’t sell for silly reasons and on the other some offers are piss poor

As with everyone else who are your Real life club and hopes for them this season? Real life club is Celtic ….me
And Scott were brought up to support Celtic by my dad and always will support them we live 10 mins away from parkhead it’s our local club also……hopes for them is to keep winning the league and cups they have done amazing last few years and the team look unplayable at home we just need to sort the away form and we will hopefully win the league again……rangers are stronger than last term but there’s still something missing in there play when they play away from home ….that is where the league will be won and lost on the road this season…….

what would you do to improve T100? I’d love to improve the match engine like everyone it’s very basic in commentary and easily predictable when it comes to cards and missed penalties and so on……I’d love to improve the times of response to pms also as it’s can get frustrating when someone doesn’t respond ……the game is class but if they spent more time with it then it could be anything u want it to be it’s got massive potential to do even better than what we have atm……

Thanks to James for his time and answers.

So there we have it, the final curtain has come down, I won’t apologise for being passionate about non active members but my attempt at gaining traction on the newsfeed and fb page has had some small success, the videos on the fb page, and alex’s on the blog are examples of what could be achieved by a fully active gameworld, I will still be a part of T100 but it’s a back seat job for me

Thanks for your time again.


  1. Another fantastic interview Norm! Great reading while it lasted. Hopefully we can entice you back after a ‘rest’! Thanks for all your hard work and effort. Very much appreciated mate. Well done!


  2. Just been reading this and your back issues Norman, really good stuff, shame it had to end but its having the time to do it as we all know


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