Owner ruling on Kyle Walker deal

In light of the deal causing controversy I have read the rules as they currently stand and they do not say….

“Club A sign player X in exchange for player Y and the swap must be completed instantly” Pre-agreed deals are part and parcel of this game. IF Salvo and Heath agree the deal like this then it is up to them. No one is disadvantaged.

If Club A sign player Z in exchange for player V but player Z cant move due to a transfer ban but the player V part is completed should that mean that player Z should be banned from playing for that parent club when technically he isnt owned by the parent club?

EG: If Sampdoria agree to swap Pau Torres (TB 12 April) with Barcelona for Lukas Nmecha (No TB) then Dan W could say “I really need Nmecha now cus of my cup run and I agree or I could not” IF I agree should Pau Torres then be banned from playing for Barcelona? I dont think so… it is at the discretion of the managers.

IF this transfer/deal isnt allowed to stand then surely ALL pre-agreeds should stop OR pre-agreed players that are awaiting confirmed transfer moves banned from playing.

So DEAL stands…

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