All Managers’ Team and Position History

I’ve updated my spreadsheet with all teams’ position history with S15 final tables, and now added all managers’ clubs with estimated season start dates (please feel free to alert me to any mistakes or omissions if you spot any, preferably in the comments here).

So now you can see exactly what your Top 100 managerial record looks like (particularly useful if you’ve had more than a couple of clubs, and perhaps if you are applying for a new job – or selecting the best candidate for a job!).

For example, here is Beddows’ record in Top 100:

You can still view each team’s entire Top 100 record, e.g., Fiorentina who have just become available.

And if you want to compare positions for each division over the seasons, e.g., Juventus’ best ever season in the league (even with the lowest ever points total for a team finishing second):

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