All Teams Position History

All teams position history from Season 1 to Season 14 is here, sorted by team (in the first tab), and division/position (in the second tab). The third tab is the now updated How Many Points Do You Need?

You can see Barcelona’s wonderful record, and perhaps why Scott decided now was the right time to step down and seek a fresh challenge in Brazil.

The lowest points total since S1 for the champions followed inevitably from probably the most competitive and exciting title race since Manchester United were crowned.

Meanwhile, Scott’s new team Sao Paulo had there worst ever season.

In comparison, you can also see Chelsea’s sustained challenge and improvement to take over from Barca as the team to beat.

Also, Genoa’s incredible journey hasn’t been easy by any means, but their turnaround in fortunes over the last three seasons has been dramatic.

Espanyol had a followed a similar path to Genoa, and it will be interesting to see if they suffer similarly to how Genoa did after their great first season in the top flight.

In Division Three, Dynamo Kyiv had their best ever season!

And they had D3’s best ever season, too!

A similar story in D4 for Dinamo Zagreb.

And D4’s best ever team.

Lots of other managers and teams recorded personal bests and/or division records, so apologies if I haven’t included all of you here.

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