Results of Top 100 Squad Cap Rules and Sanctions Survey

The survey is still open if anyone hasn’t yet voted, but the results are already pretty clear with 64 managers having already given their opinion. There’s a huge discussion about the same on the newsfeed in-game, if you haven’t yet seen it.

1. Squad Cap

It’s over two years since managers voted on whether to change the squad cap or not. The result then was actually quite close – 50 votes to keep it at 50, 40 to reduce it.

Although fewer votes are in, the percentage of managers wanting to keep things as they are is greater.

I think this indicates clearly that there is no general will to change the squad cap currently.

Full results and comments are here [PDF].

2. Sanctions

Two years ago, managers also voted to increase the sanction faced by those who go over the 50 player squad cap.

58 managers voted for some kind of increased sanction, with the majority choosing what we have now – a one month transfer ban, plus having to sell the player that took them over.

This time, 51 managers voted to retain this sanction, with just 5 voting for a return to the original ‘transfer ban only’ punishment.

As with the squad cap, a consensus to keep things as they are.

Full results and comments [PDF].

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