Poll: What Sanctions Should There Be For Managers Who Go Over The Squad Cap?

Another popular, yet contentious, issue.

Managers going over the squad cap tends to become an issue only when new (usually young, possibly future star) players are added to the database, with most of the game world bidding and clubs having a 1 in 50 lottery style chance of winning.

This results in managers bidding when they already have 50 players, either forgetting about it or thinking they won’t win the bid, or failing to sell another player in time.

It’s an easy mistake to make – I’ve done it twice myself.

And it’s easy to assume that the offender is somehow playing the system by taking a one month or three month (for a second offence) transfer ban to get and keep a good young prospect.

But it’s clear that the current sanctions on their own probably aren’t enough of a deterrent to stop it happening, whatever the reasons.

With all that in mind, what sanctions would be effective?

What sanction should there be for managers who go over the squad cap?


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