Top 100 Youth Cup SEASON THREE


Players must be 21 and under on Saturday 11th June.

Simple RULES starting XI + SUBS  MUST BE 21 or UNDER on GAMEDAY 1 (If some of your SUBS are 21+ no problem… BUT they must not come on the pitch.

If you have any player that breaks the rules then you forfeit the game assuming that the other side has followed the rules. It will be recorded as a 3-0 loss. 

IF both sides have any player that breaks the rules then game given as a 0-0 DRAW but neither team get any points. 

There will be 12 groups of 5 teams. So 8 games over 10 matchdays

Matches will be played on Saturdays meaning you will play 8 Saturdays out of 10.

12 Group winners and 4 Best Runners-up WILL BE at home in 2nd Round


Other 8 Runners up AND 8 Best 3rd Place WILL BE away

It will be an open draw.


DRAW (s) will be made VIA VIDEO AND posted to the blog so that all can view it. Fixtures will then be posted on the blog with the appropriate dates.

Matches will be played as a friendly on the correct date. The HOME team must arrange the friendly.


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