Admin response to contract removal alternate suggestion

Understandably so some are concerned that the end of contracts means managers / some clubs wont ever become available and “clubs for life” would happen.

I’d hope that some managers would recognize when they weren’t doing so well and when it is time to move on – but understand that isnt always the case.

Contracts were never going to make everyone happy and would never be perfectly fair. So our proposal to be discussed and then voted on.

A system of WARNINGS – admin would reserve the right to issue warnings to managers if they are underperforming at 3 points during the season – 3 WARNINGS over the course of 3 seasons would result in your job going to the panel?

How would this work?

Malcolm stats v in game activities – with a lot of leeway based on activity.

So how would you get a warning? Performances reviewed 3x a season – game 19, 27 and game 38. EACH PERFORMANCE REVIEW will equal a warning IF you are more than 5 places below your predicted.

EG: Game 19 – Dortmund are 11th (predicted 5th) – then they would get a warning. Game 27 – Dortmund are 13th they get a second warning, Game 38 – Dortmund are 11th they get a 3rd warning and job goes to panel.

HOWEVER we understand there is leeway and more managers might be doing for the gameworld/club so before a WARNING is issued the following will be considered.

  1. Are DORTMUND prioirtising/trying in cups which justifies under performance in league? 1 point
  2. Are DORTMUND active in the transfer market? Trying to improve? Make deals? 1 point
  3. Are DORTMUND partaking in youth cup/world club cup? setting team correctly etc? 1 point
  4. Are DORTMUND active AND interact on newsfeed/whatsapp/facebook/blog etc? 2 points

So Game 19 – Dortmund are 11th (predicted 5th) but they do ALL of the ABOVE they are 6th so to speak as they contribute to the gameworld, are active and work hard. So NO WARNING given.

How would it be administered and monitored? we have a state of the art spreadsheet to monitor it all. Each of the Top 4 divisions will be admined by one of the ADMINS who will be in touch after EACH review period for clubs in question. Division 5 would be overseen by all.

Please note BOTTOM 4 will still automatically go to panel at the end of the season UNLESS manager is on a FREE season. Previous WARNINGS given may be taken into account.

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