Season 20 Division 3 Stats and Facts

Levante the team to beat, who else could challenge?

This must be the season for Levante to push back into the big time. 90+ in all departments and they would probably get automatic promotion from D2.

Schalke and Inter are their nearest opponents. Schalke would seem to be odds on for automatic promotion with only the defence below 90.  Sunderland and Inter maybe a keeper away from the title either will that be enough to get a 2nd or 3rd place as the stats suggest, they have good depth and the 2nd half of  the season should be a strong one.  Inter though have a far stronger strike force than Sunderland or Schalke so the battle for 2 – 4 should be tight. Zagreb are more balanced and could initially be a stronger prospect.

Swansea and Augsburg just missed out on the playoffs last season and this year they will be fighting it out with Inter.

218 or less was the problem zone last season.  Roma look most vulnerable lack of depth and weak defence. Sampdoria have a weak keeper but good defence and o,k up front. Twente a little weaker in defence but a better midfield should shield that.

Up for the cup? Twente if they can avoid relegation could throw a few coals on the fire.

The average score is 220.67 which is 0.79 up from last season.

Levante UD90.091.390.
FC Schalke 0490.089.390.
Dinamo Zagreb89.089.089.689.086.088.4221.735
FC AUGSBURG89.088.888.890.086.088.4221.546
Swansea City88.088.088.691.087.088.7221.437
Borussia Mönchengladbach87.088.588.
Fenerbahçe SK92.087.889.
Galatasaray SK88.087.889.
West Ham United89.087.888.
VfL Wolfsburg88.086.888.690.086.087.8219.6614
Celta Vigo88.087.588.
AS Monaco87.087.887.889.086.087.6219.0517
FC Twente88.087.588.488.087.087.7218.9218
AS Roma88.086.887.

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