Season 20 Division 2 Stats and Facts

Real Madrid odds on favourites, who will come second?

Perhaps and over simplistic view but as Madrid would be solid mid table in D1 and Leverkesuen 2 whole points away you can’t see around Real Madrid romping back to D1 and even having time to spare to build a stronger team while they do it.

Leverkeusen also though have a strong side . Second place should be relatively easy and they too have a side built for a higher league with no real vulnerabilities.  Everton and Ajax are harder to judge. Everton have a weaker keeper but more depth than Ajax who risking everything if they get injuries.  Liverpool Stoke and Anderlecht strong in midfield but weaker at the back.  To survive D1 you will need 224 so this is kind of the cut off , unless you can improve your team while gaining promotion.

Last season anything less than 221 suggested a struggle.  This puts 5 teams already fighting before the season has begun. Zenit look least well equipped to survive with a week attack and defence combo that will suffer against 90 + rated attacks. Hoffenheim will be good up front but can they out score their opponents.  Same could be said for River Plate but they should get more possession than some . Udinese are more balanced and have good depth , which should do them fine. AC Milan trade depth for a stronger midfield which should be good for at least the first few games.

Cup run teams ? Anderlecht & Udinese

Average for Division 222.65 up 0.4 from last season.

Real Madrid91.091.392.
Bayer Leverkusen90.090.090.492.087.089.9225.36
RSC Anderlecht89.089.590.
Stoke City89.
São Paulo FC (P)92.089.390.490.085.089.3223.46
Paris Saint-Germain90.089.890.
Manchester United88.088.389.892.085.088.6223.00
Sporting CP (P)88.09089.
Hamburger SV91.089.089.589.586.089.0222.22
Hertha BSC88.088.589.
Werder Bremen88.088.588.890.085.088.1221.10
AC Milan88.088.889.
Udinese Calcio88.088.888.888.087.088.1220.24
River Plate87.087.588.689.086.087.6219.49
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim87.087.387.890.086.087.6219.34
Zenit Saint Petersburg (P)

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