Season 20 Division 1 Stats and Facts.

A few notes for the uninitiated.

The ratings for GK,DEF,MID,ATT are the average rating of the likely players in those positions. Top 18 is  the lowest player likely to be in the starting squad.  Average is the average of those. ETOT is based on a secret formula using the relative importance of each position. That created the Pre (predicted ) finishing position.

Perhaps it is no shock to see Chelsea still way ahead of everyone else. They lead in most categories except perhaps defence where they are a little weaker and could be vunerable to any team sporting 92 attack or above if you pick the right formation. Benfica are the nearest challengers, almost a Chelsea clone just a point or so down across the board. Juventus under their new boss sit 3rd , defensively the most solid team in the league.  Porto have a really strong attack and could beat any team. Dortmund and Bayern are strong in the middle and could challenge any team.

With the lowest 4 at risk of the sack any team less than 223 is likely to be in trouble but such is the strength of D1 this season that even teams on 224 or less will be pulled down if they are not careful. As they stand Espanyol look relegation certainties, Spurs will also struggle.  Valencia may have a good enough attack to survive. Villa will look to shield their keeper usings the defenders and midfield as a screen. Cup run team, surely Bayern Munich who can put out an 89 as their 18th ranked player or maybe Dortmund who can do the same.

Average ETOT 226.93 down 0.4 from last year.

Chelsea (C)95.091.594.497.086.092.8233.491
SL Benfica94.
Hellas Verona91.091.592.495.086.091.2230.114
Borussia Dortmund92.092.092.693.089.091.7229.855
FC Porto94.090.392.
Bayern München93.090.892.692.089.091.5228.327
Manchester City95.091.891.691.086.091.1227.5510
Leicester City90.089.892.493.086.090.2227.2911
Standard Liège91.091.090.493.087.090.5226.9312
West Bromwich Albion89.090.089.893.087.089.8225.4113
Genoa CFC91.090.690.491.086.089.8225.1914
SC Internacional90.089.589.891.088.089.7223.9515
Atlético Madrid91.089.590.690.087.089.6223.9416
Aston Villa89.090.590.690.082.088.4223.9017
Valencia CF89.089.390.
Tottenham Hotspur88.089.089.489.084.087.9221.2119
RCD Espanyol89.087.387.691.085.088.0219.9120

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