Top 100 – A new beginning? A new owner? – Season 20 onwards….

Important context to this post – it isn’t one that I want to write – but I am in essence being forced to do it as we have tried in vain since 4pm yesterday to sort this out privately and in house.

Many managers know I don’t like contracts but have gone with the flow and implemented them, followed them and put in “some” of the hard work behind the scenes, appointing the panel, collecting votes, sending emails etc – I went with it as this was what was decided for the gameworld. In addition I think 50 as a squad is too high – but I respect the multiple votes we have had and it remains at 50.

I have had to ask managers to leave their clubs too – for example Ignazio, Ken to name just two and whilst it isn’t easy they have always complied and respected the rules of the gameworld. Ignazio for example happily took on a new challenge and is thriving when sacked by Liverpool.

There are in my head a few fundamentals for Top100 – interact and be active firstly and some managers and I’ll name some of them RJ Alston, Liam Pigott, Attila are not active enough and rarely interact and if it were my decision they’d be sacked and asked to leave – but it isn’t my decision – we have used bottom 3, and then contracts and decisions always been made by a panel (a key fundamental) of 11, a panel which does change season by season – and is impartial to a degree. I stand by the panels decision and if a manager refuses to accept a panel decision I will fall on my sword and leave – No problem!

Another thing that annoys me is managers who can’t be bothered to take part in the youth cup – which is unique to Top100 yet expect to keep their top clubs – Andre Guerra for example at Porto, Bojan at Bayern – yet expect to remain at Top clubs – again not against the rules so they stay in place.

So that brings us to Dan Payne and Juventus (who failed his contract in season 19 – finishing 10th – target was 6th – 21 points behind) – yes a founder member and to all intent and purpose the co-creator with Frank Hirst. Dan Payne was a big driver in bringing in contracts and this season has failed his. He even wrote the rules around contracts and what happens if you failed etc. So we asked for a statement and got one. Incidentally the top part was not included.

For the record I would have said “REAPPOINT” but it isnt my decision – it is the panels.

I respect the panel and this is what they came back with NEW CLUB – 6 -3 – 2 yet to vote but irrelevant as he cannot win. See below evidence of people voting for NEW CLUB for Dan Payne. Some snippets of emails from panel too.

Dan though is refusing to accept their decision. He says that when we brought in contracts the first failure didnt need to go to panel – both myself and Dan W do not remember this – it isnt written in the rules anywhere – and I ask if he remembered that WHY has it never been implemented before – Ignazio at Liverpool for example got asked to go to a new club after 1 contract failure – screenshot below of Dan Payne never suggesting he should get an automatic second chance – and appalauding work of panel.

Additionally – why did Dan not remind us of the “so-called” rule of second chance after first contract failure before sending his statement?

So I have asked Dan P to leave Juventus and offered him a new club – but he wont leave it appears. He said NEW CLUB is not an option which to me is blatant disregard of the institution, rules and panel. He said IF Admin make a decision that he is no good for gameworld and ask him to leave then he will leave. We were forced to have a vote and under circumstances we voted 3-0 (Mike T didnt need to vote as was decided).

If Dan P doesnt leave I will leave by 8pm – as I put trust in panel and panel and gw expect us to implement these rules – so this must fall on somebody. Mike T will take over as GW owner and I wish you all the best in future what you choose to do moving forwards is up to you all as a GW – likewise what you decide to do with Dan P.

No one is bigger than the gameworld and yes Dan has worked so hard for the gameworld over the years that isnt denied – but contracts need to be respected. Dan in my own opinion is putting his ego above all – it is a game at the end of the day… many of us have had multiple clubs and play for the game and nothing else.

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