Season 19 Division 4 stats and facts review.

The 1 2 3 in the league come 3rd 2nd and 1st in the stats.

West Ham with best VA of +11 in the league come top of the stats with the most over performing team in D4.  Fenerbache in 2nd had a a great +7 VA and Twente +3 VA. All 4 were tied with 4.00 PVA so the VA was the tie breaker.

Playoff Dynamo Kiev had a great +8 VA as did CSKA, Cologne top that with +10 VA and a notable +6 for Napoli.

AZ on -11 VA come lowest placed in the stats, though Chievo on -15 VA could really claim that prize after the predicted 2nd place team got relegated.  Santos also struggled and paid the price on -8 VA.

West Ham United89.087.087.888.085.087.4217.88143114.00
Fenerbahçe SK89.087.588.887.086.087.7218.559274.00
FC Twente88.088.588.889.086.088.1220.574134.00
Dynamo Kyiv88.087.587.888.085.087.3218.2012482.25
CSKA Moskva88.088.087.587.585.087.2218.0413581.80
1. FC Köln88.087.886.888.082.086.5217.24188101.38
SSC Napoli87.086.887.
Lokomotive Moscow87.086.887.587.586.087.0217.04191630.25
Torino (P)87.087.387.588.086.087.2217.76151320.23
Crystal Palace88.087.587.889.086.087.7218.976600.17
Málaga CF88.088.887.887.086.087.5218.67810-2-0.10
Besiktas JK88.087.387.687.086.087.2217.311720-3-0.10
Dynamo Moskva87.087.087.889.085.087.2218.331115-4-0.20
Girondins Bordeaux87.
US Sassuolo (R)91.088.588.588.085.088.2219.9259-4-0.33
Santos FC (R)88.087.888.587.086.087.5218.431018-8-0.39
Sunderland (P)88.088.888.889.086.088.1220.7337-4-0.43
Chievo Verona88.087.588.691.086.088.2220.91217-15-0.82
AZ Alkmaar (C)87.089.388.

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