Season 19 Division 1 Stats and Facts review

Benfica with a PVA of 2.67 with a great 3rd place overall and VA of 7 lead the stats.

For those who don’t know the end of season rating is calculated from the Value Added i.e. how high above your predicted position you finish and the position you finish in, this gives  you the positional value added. ( For example finishing 4 th when you should have been 8th is far better than coming 12th when you should  have been 16th.

Internacional sit second with the highest VA of +9 ,just above Barcelona in 3rd.  The champs come 4th and could do no more, with WBA in 5th spot. Notable high VA from Spurs.

Real Madrid were the biggest disappointment, relegated and out of sorts, -13VA. Arsenal slumped to 2nd lowest PVA and Juve 3rd.  Anderlecht have the lowest VA of -6 and they were relegated.

SL Benfica94.091.092.891.087.091.2227.8710372.67
SC Internacional91.089.889.491.087.089.6223.8317891.25
West Bromwich Albion (C)89.089.889.492.087.089.4224.24161150.55
Tottenham Hotspur89.089.089.689.086.088.5221.73191450.43
Hellas Verona91.091.592.495.086.091.2230.117610.33
Bayern München93.090.892.893.088.091.5229.018710.29
FC Porto94.091.592.896.086.092.1231.444400.25
Hertha BSC89.089.389.690.086.088.8222.58181710.12
Borussia Dortmund92.
Valencia CF92.089.590.692.085.089.8225.12151500.07
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim?88.087.588.689.086.087.8219.61202000.05
Manchester City95.092.091.691.086.091.1227.751112-10.00
Atlético Madrid92.090.391.
Standard Liège91.091.089.891.087.090.0225.151416-2-0.06
RSC Anderlecht89.089.891.491.088.089.8225.311319-6-0.26
Real Madrid91.091.592.

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