Espanyol Club statement

The war of words is showing no signs of easing up between Espanyol and Levante, as the two local sides are set to meet up in the Youth cup final this weekend.

It’s well documented, that the Espanyol boss, sees the competition as of little importance, due to the match engine not considering, injuries, suspensions, morale or fatigue.

Espanyol entered the competition for the first time this season to support the game-world in one of its many initiatives, but it was certainly not identified within the corridors of the Espanyol boardroom as something which should be prioritised.  Having a youth team is a “means” to supporting a successful first team, not a means to “FUCK” the first team.

Levante have been clear that they “Have played their final” having referred to it twice this past week following their semi-final victory over Barcelona and with that showing total disrespect to the other sides who have entered the tournament this time around.

Levante have continued to prioritise this competition above any other, despite their being no skill in winning it. This is of course the opinion of the Espanyol Manager , who has quite easily made it to the final, despite selling players like Caicedo and Alberto who were in Espanyol’s best youth 11 during the season. Building a team for now, tomorrow and the future takes far more effort and skill and is a model many teams are taking for the betterment of the game world.

Success is measured by many factors, but the league must always be a team’s priority. It’s 38 games, managing fatigue, squad, suspensions, injuries and morale, whilst pitting yourself against the best managers the game world can offer. Its about winning titles, making it to Europe, avoiding relegation, winning promotions and winning cups where you must manage all the variables a season can throw at you. Its about ensuring your team competes, as would be expected in real life. Football around the world, people spend their hard-earned cash on season tickets to see success on the pitch for the first team, the youth team winning is a bonus, but does not see managers keep jobs or be applauded if the main product is failing.

We looked into the rules as we feel Levante have brought the game into disrepute. As per below, having finished 20th in division 1 last season, the managers position should of gone to a panel. This did not occur, however what had escalated the situation further is he should of got a 1 season deal this time around to prove himself that it was a one off, with a minimum top 7 finish. On both counts this has not occurred. These rules are in place to prevent squad decimation in which he is 100% guilty of. This has tarnished this tournament giving a clear unfair advantage over the other 99 managers.

“To be clear, this week and its only Tuesday, we have been accused of not accepting a friendly request within 12 hours. Have received phone calls from the TOP100 FA To accept the said friendly and had whatsapp messages to do the same. This match is not due to played until Saturday and today is only Tuesday. We appreciate that to Levante, winning a free season in this competition is vital, to cover up the piss poor job they’ve done in the league. We appreciate they want to shout they are the youth guru of the world, and every other self-proclaimed plaudit they want to throw out there. How-ever this is low on my priority list, especially as it’s been very easy to make a youth team without selling all my best rated players. He should be embarrassed, that he has sacrificed every single competition for this one, and is on the brink of a double relegation, whilst my approach of “Just entering” Is a victory for the game-world. If I can achieve reaching the final without too much effort, imagine what another manager could achieve with effort, whilst continuing to be successful with their first team”.

Regarding accepting your request Salvo, I will do this in my own time, or will totally forfeit the game so you can have your precious free season by default, You an polish that up anyway you want!!!

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