Super Samp – the road forwards

So far +32 overall on the ratings reviews – but we need to be honest and look hard – most of our +’s are mid 80’s and wont help in the relegation fight – long term many of those mid 80’s will be 88+ but is a relegation a necessary evil on the way to longer term glory?

Audero’s fall was a little harsh in my opinion – but the rise of Christensen should mean come next ratings review we have an alternative 1st choice keeper.

At centre back the acquisition of Bauer and Alexsandro who both rose bodes well – Webster should finally rise and hopefully Pepe keeps his 90. At left back we are blessed and the short term acquisition of Kaderabek helps us out.

In central midfield we still have the trio of Thorsby, Thuram and Lemina all safe ratings wise to help us compete and up front Albrighton will fall – but the rise of Nicolas Jackson long term ensures a replacement for him. A formation change is a possibility and if we lose again tonight something we may consider.

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