Season 19 Division 4 stats and facts.

AZ Predicted to double bounce with a rapid rise to D3.

AZ perhaps have a weakness in their keeper but otherwise are a strong side.  Chievo will challenge them in second. Sunderland have a great balance about their side and they should make up  the top 3.

Sassuolo will hope to at least make the playoffs and should be  tight at the back

Sevilla and Besitkas will have to work hard to get relegated for a second time but there are a bunch of teams within a whisker of the 218 cut off for relegation to the lower league.  Lokomtive and Napoli realy need to shore up their back lines to stand a chance of survival.

AZ Alkmaar (C)87.089.388.
Chievo Verona88.087.588.691.086.088.2220.912
Sunderland (P)88.088.888.889.086.088.1220.733
FC Twente88.088.588.889.086.088.1220.574
US Sassuolo (R)91.088.588.588.085.088.2219.925
Crystal Palace88.087.587.889.086.087.7218.976
Girondins Bordeaux87.
Málaga CF88.088.887.887.086.087.5218.678
Fenerbahçe SK89.087.588.887.086.087.7218.559
Santos FC (R)88.087.888.587.086.087.5218.4310
Dynamo Moskva87.087.087.889.085.087.2218.3311
Dynamo Kyiv88.087.587.888.085.087.3218.2012
CSKA Moskva88.088.087.587.585.087.2218.0413
West Ham United89.087.087.888.085.087.4217.8814
Torino (P)87.087.387.588.086.087.2217.7615
Sevilla (R)
Besiktas JK (R)88.087.387.687.086.087.2217.3117
1. FC Köln88.087.886.888.082.086.5217.2418
Lokomotive Moscow87.086.887.587.586.087.0217.0419
SSC Napoli  ?87.086.887.

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