Season 19 Division 5 Stats and Facts

Rubin , Lazio and Spartak should be the promoted teams next season. Lazio should be able to overwhelm most teams defences easily enough but lack depth. Rubin look a more balanced team and like Spartak have enough depth to cope.

Lyon have a good defence/ offence combo. Relegated Brugge and Villareal should make the playoffs. This should be incentive enough for Boca and Atalanta to try and get to D4 this season as next it may be tougher.

Shaktar sit at the foot of the table again but will have close companions with Newcastle looking little better at the moment.  Fiorentina and over performing Athletic club look like they could struggle next season

Rubin Kazan88.
SS Lazio (R)
Spartak Moskva87.086.388.689.085.087.2218.37
Olympique Lyonnais88.087.387.688.086.087.4217.96
Club Brugge KV (R)88.087.587.
Villarreal CF (R)
Boca Juniors (!)89.086.888.487.085.087.2217.55
Atalanta BC (!)88.087.387.887.086.087.2217.47
VfB Stuttgart89.087.587.687.083.086.8217.27
AS Saint-Etienne87.086.387.
Montpellier HSC87.086.887.488.085.086.8217.16
Olympique Marseille88.087.387.387.083.086.5216.67
FC Basel87.086.086.689.082.086.1216.21
Athletic Club87.086.086.687.085.086.3215.27
ACF Fiorentina87.086.886.686.085.086.3215.22
Newcastle United (R)87.085.586.887.083.085.9214.79
Shakhtar Donetsk86.084.886.

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