Division 4 Season 18 Stats and Facts review.

Napoli +13VA and +3.5PVA lead the stats.

Lille in 3rd get automatic promotion and 2nd in the stats , with Fenerbahce with an amazing +11 VA make the playoffs and 3rd place in the stats.  CSKA and Bordeaux managed great performances this year.  Sao Paulo did what they needed to, winning the leagues as favourites.

Most disappointed must be FC Twente , 2nd favourites slumping to 10th and -8 VA , with Dynamo Moscow, Kyiv also missing out on the playoffs. Villareal get relegated with the joint worse VA.

SSC Napoli87.087.087.387.585.086.8216.92174133.50
Lille OSC90.086.888.588.585.087.8218.738352.00
Fenerbahçe SK89.087.086.887.085.087.0216.47187111.71
CSKA Moskva87.
São Paulo FC90.089.389.590.086.089.0222.621101.00
Girondins Bordeaux88.087.387.887.586.087.3217.7613850.75
West Ham United89.087.087.587.585.087.2217.36161420.21
1. FC Köln88.086.588.388.083.086.8217.52141310.15
SS Lazio88.087.087.586.082.086.1215.90191810.11
Newcastle United87.085.586.385.084.085.6213.17202000.05
Club Brugge KV88.086.888.087.585.087.1217.441517-2-0.06
Chievo Verona88.087.888.
Crystal Palace88.087.887.589.086.087.7218.9369-3-0.22
Málaga CF87.087.888.387.586.087.3218.441015-5-0.27
Dynamo Kyiv88.087.587.889.085.087.5218.81712-5-0.33
Villarreal CF87.087.087.888.586.087.3218.091119-8-0.37
Dynamo Moskva86.087.388.090.584.087.2219.43511-6-0.45
FC Twente87.087.888.889.587.088.0220.26210-8-0.70

One comment

  1. It’s been a good season for Napoli, as shown by us topping the table. A bit disappointed missing the automatic promotion (I was so sure after seeing others’ schedules…), but well that’s SM.


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