Division 3 Season 18 Stats and Facts review.

Third time is a charm as the winners of D3 lead the stats.

Wolfsburg the champs top PVA.

Looking at the playoff spot as the season started but at seasons end on top of the pile +5 VA +6PVA for Wolfsburg.

Feyenoord had the highest VA on 8 just missing out on the playoffs. River Plate would perhaps their + 7VA and 2nd spot in the stats for the auto promotion of Hamburg in 3rd spot.

Credit to Zenit for avoiding relegation on +4 VA.

Swansea underperformed on -10 VA , as did Sassuolo on -9 VA. Partizan can redeem a poor performance with a win in the playoffs.

VfL Wolfsburg89.087.088.891.085.088.2220.636156.00
River Plate87.088.388.388.086.087.5219.1611472.00
Hamburger SV89.089.088.389.085.088.1220.537341.67
Borussia Mönchengladbach87.087.388.888.586.087.5219.0912571.60
Zenit Saint Petersburg89.087.087.586.586.087.2216.83201640.31
AS Roma88.088.587.
Galatasaray SK88.
Celta Vigo87.088.389.589.085.087.8220.6956-10.00
Leicester City88.
Besiktas JK88.087.587.887.086.087.3217.631820-2-0.05
AS Monaco88.
Santos FC88.
FK Partizan88.088.088.491.086.088.3221.1537-4-0.43
FC Schalke 0490.088.388.690.086.088.6221.1049-5-0.44
US Sassuolo91.088.888.888.086.088.5220.44817-9-0.47
Swansea City88.088.589.390.087.088.6221.70212-10-0.75

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