Anomaly in Naples

Despite Napoli being relegated to the fourth division last season, Napoli’s board still trusted Anew Dayo to continue his stint in Naples. He was given a three-year contract with high expectations, to finish in the Top 14 for this season, Top 12 for next season, and Top 10 for the third season. In addition to that, Napoli was predicted to be relegated (again?) by mistertrex’s “Division 4 Season 18 Stats and Facts” blogpost.

And after 28 matches, what happens? Currently, Napoli is in the FIFTH place, fighting for promotion back to the third division! With only three points difference from third place, winning the automatic promotion is still within our reach. And on top of that, we have done that despite having some of our regular players decrease in rating.

Anomaly? Maybe… But, I think we have a thing stranger than our position. That is our performance against the current top 4. After the last match against Lille, we have already faced 4 teams above us, teams which I think have been there for a while. In our first legs, we have a record 1W 2D 1L against them. Superb for a team predicted for relegation, and what about the second legs? We beat them all! All by one-goal margins though, but still, that’s mad (at least for me lol).

Confidence is high at the moment. With ten more games to go, we hope we could get freedom from the contract by finishing Top 10 or even get a promotion.

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