Club Watch – Manchester United

One of the biggest clubs in the world, with currently its own Top100 transfer list, but sat in division 2, what will it take for this famous old club to be back with the elite of Division 1?

Ken Keeley goes into his fourth season in charge at United with a points to game average of 1.80 from his 127 games in charge.

LIfe started well with promotion from division 3 via the play-offs in his first season, however two mid table finishes in division 2 is all that has followed, With the club avoiding relegation by three points in season 16 and by twelve points last season, although the club only added one additional point from season 16 to finish on 50 points.

The current team has no fewer than 21 players with live bids against their name, whilst half of the squad is on the transfer list, however the only notable business done is the sale of Justin to Athletico Madrid with Lokongo and Kiota.

Looking at Uniteds current squad there are plenty of players with rating improvement in them, its a relatively young squad and if anything is littered with far more assets than the majority of division 2. However Ken’s plan appears to be to sit on the talent and wait for it to blossom in a slow build others have tried. Slow building is common in top100, however at a time contracts are critical, is Ken really giving one of the biggest clubs in the world a chance of promotion?

The reality is Man Utd have been closer to going down, than going up. It does not take much to get dragged into the relegation zone, and should the club suffer the embarrassment of relegation then the blame lies firmly with the manager. If relegation was to happen at Man Utd the chance of being reappointed would be zero, as a number of managers would be queuing to take the hotseat and make better use of the pool of players Ken is currently sat on.

Dvision 2 is competitive but has Ken done anything to improve on last seasons finish by the lack of trading or imagination to kick the team onto a promotion chasing team? The answer is simple, its a “No”, and we cannot continue reading that other teams are stronger, when there is a complete reluctance to cash in on an asset or two to bring better players through the door.

The glory days at United are looking further in the past as each day passes, the fans are starved of optimism and season 18 is very much judgement time on Ken Keeley and if he is the right man to be overseeing the return to the promised land.

Its now up to Ken to prove his growing list of doubters wrong, and the only way he will do that is a promotion push this season, anything less and he is just making the number’s up as part of the top100 community.

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