Beddows attacks Gianmarco’s Competitions Credibility – and announces own

Following the announcement from Gianmarco – Inter Milan manager of his controversial breakaway Trofeo d’Italia for a second season against Milan (now under Andrew Bailey) and Juventus under Dan Payne – other Italian clubs have followed suit in creating their own breakaway rebel competition – yes the Copa Del Ponte will return!

Beddows the founder and creator of the Copa Del Ponte has taken a swipe at Gianmarco stating his competition lacks class and is all about the money and generating revenue (lets face it Dan Payne needs it due to his continued failure to bring silverware to Turin and Milan under Andrew Bailey too are facing tumultuous times are failure under Borel) but Gianmarco sees football as a money making business and not about giving something back!

Controversial Inter boss celebrates controbersial promotion to Div 4

Genoa, Samp and the invited Atalanta will take part in the Copa Del Ponte and the winners will be set to square off to become the Campioni di Italia! The Copa Del Ponte is a memorial cup with all funds raised going to the victims of the infamous bridge collapse of 2018 – Beddows has moved quickly to attack Gianmarco, Dan Payne and Andrew Bailey whose own competition has a seven figure TV contract and raises money only for the clubs and managers themselves and not for charity like the Genoa clubs competition!

Beddows – Greatest Manager in Samp History
The Copa Del Ponte will raise money for victims families and survivors unlike the Trofeo D’Italia

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