Division 1 Season 18 Stats and Fact

Dawn of a new era will Chelsea be dominant again?

Ratings are calculated using a formula based on rankings in GK,MID ,ATT and DEF. The average and top 18 are also taken into account to balance odd formations and  potential injuries.

This gives the ETOT, with Pre being the predicted position.

Hard to see past Chelsea winning the league again, almost 1.5 points above their nearest rival. They may lack depth and can be stung in midfield but the defence looks near unbeatable and they will knock them in at the other end.

Juventus also stand clear of the pack. They should get second and if Chelsea pick up injuries they would be there to pounce.  Porto also look strong in defence, as do Arsenal. Barcelona rebuilding slip to 5th favourites, with Bayern just below them now. Barca is still potent up top but I think they will lack the possession they crave and the fans won’t be happy.

Benfica look to be stronger than their mid table ranking suggests and Madrid will hope to challenge up top once again.

Last year if you were in the lower 3 or had a rating less than 223 you were sure to be relegated. Looks like Levante will be taking the fall this year, with Spurs joining them.  Spurs lack in GK, DEF and MID. Villa and Internacional will be fighting it out hoping to do what Levante did last year and beat the stats. Looks much tougher for Villa as they are almost 0.7 rating points beneath their rival.

Good cup run well Internacional look the team for that with Benfica or Dortmund sure to want something from the season. Division 1 is slightly higher rated than last season.

FC Porto94.091.392.395.088.092.1230.393
Bayern München93.091.393.591.589.091.7229.126
Hellas Verona91.091.892.593.086.090.9229.097
Real Madrid91.091.891.893.586.090.8228.828
SL Benfica93.090.892.592.088.091.3228.129
Borussia Dortmund92.091.591.392.087.090.8227.4810
Manchester City95.091.891.
Atlético Madrid92.091.091.391.586.090.4226.6412
Standard Liège91.091.391.591.086.090.2226.5913
RCD Espanyol92.089.590.591.585.089.7224.7214
Valencia CF92.089.590.590.585.089.5224.0716
SC Internacional91.089.890.090.587.089.7223.9917
Aston Villa89.090.090.889.084.088.6223.2118
Tottenham Hotspur89.089.389.390.086.088.7222.3019
Levante UD90.088.288.591.086.088.7221.6620

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